October Morning

CBC Radio One's CD of the Month!! (Mark Rheaumes' Pick of the Month for November)


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Produced by Rusty McCarthy

Vocal, keyboard and guitar tracks recorded by George Bertok at Bertokia Studios or The Vanishing Castle except songs 5 and 7 recorded by Rusty McCarthy at The Vanishing Castle.

Additional tracks recorded and final versions mixed and mastered by Rusty McCarthy at The Rec Room Studio.

cover image from the "Phil Ochs" monoprint by late great artist, singer and friend Michael Behnan.

CD design by Roly Platt.

Image transfer by Jeff at The Gas Company.

Executive Producer: Cris Cuddy

George Bertok : Piano, organ, electronic vibes and harp
Rusty McCarthy : Acoustic and electric guitars, bass, mandolin, assorted keyboard pads
Pat Psihogious : Acoustic bass: Tracks 9 and 10; Bowed Bass: 13
Ed Young : Drums, Congas: Tracks 1, 3, 4, 5, 8
Brian Prouix : Drums: Track 11
Mike Sloski : Drums: Track 7
Bobby Watson : Electric guitar: Track 9
Cris Cuddy : Acoustic guitar, harmonica

All songs ©2006 Cris Cuddy (Cris Cuddy Music/Socan) except *(Sea Lynx/Socan) and **(Abkco/BMI)

All rights reserved

1. October Morning
On thumbing a ride in the frosty a.m.
2. Here I Go Again
Always on the move, ever the observer.

3. The High Life* (Ian Tamblyn)
A passionate gem from a great writer.

4. Which Way to Run
Forever the question
5. By The Way
A romantic afterthought.
6. Play With Fire** (Rolling Stones)
One of many favourites.
7. Long Long Time
Looking back.
8. Bandolero
The artist as outlaw.
9. Now That You've Taken My Heart
Love lost; slightly Elizabethan.
10. $2 Song
When a dime was all you needed to hear her voice.
11. Missouri
Astral travelling.
12. Apple Annie
Tangled in the lovely web.
13. One For Nick
Midnight on a London rooftop.

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