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keep the change is a double album


from Cris Cuddy

keep the change

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indie © Cris Cuddy/SOCAN 2003
  1. Keep The Change
  2. Help Me Forget To Remember
  3. Why Goodbye?
  4. Rock'n'Roll History
  5. Wild Eyes
  6. No Love No Nothin'
  7. Kissing The Night Away
  8. Tell Me (Jagger/Richards)
  9. O Marsha
  10. Paramount Cafe
  11. A Bottle Of Perfume
  12. Bandolero
  13. Tom Cat
  14. Friday Night
  15. Is It Raining Today?
  16. Friday Night (long version)
  1. Nowhere Town
  2. X Ray Eyes
  3. What Harm Would It Do
  4. Ain't Love A Funny Thing
  5. Real True Love
  6. Take It Off
  7. The Loneliest Guy In Town
  8. The Way She Did Me
  9. Lucky Night
  10. Just Say No
  11. Overnight Sensation
  12. Lonely Ain't What It Used To Be
    (dedicated to Mickey Newbury)

Musicians Session One:
Songs 5, 6, 7

Bruce Moffet: ayotte drums Keith Glass: acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin and harmony vocals Gary Breit : organ, piano and harmony vocals Kevin Breit: national steel and acoustic guitars Russell Boswell: electric bass Bob Doidge: harmony vocals

Producer: Bruce Moffet Session Engineer: Bob Doidge at Grant Avenue Mixed by Bruce Moffet, Bill Szawlowski and Gary Moffet Mixing Engineer: Bill Szawlowski

Musicians Session Two:
Songs 1-4 and 8-12

Andrew Hardin: electric and acoustic guitars and harmony vocals Billy Troiani: electric bass Fats Kaplin: pedal steel, fiddle, accordion Mike Warner: drums Kevin Breit: acoustic guitr Cris Cuddy: acoustic guitar Doug McClement: electric bass (track 12) Gene Taylor: piano Albert Lee: electric guitar Joan Besen: piano, harmony vocals (track 2)

Musicians CD Two:

Cris Cuddy : vocals, guitars, harp; George Bradfute : guitars, bass, keys, banjo, engineer, graphics, etc.; Fats Kaplin: violin, fiddle, steel; Steve Ebb : drums

Producer: Andrew Hardin Session Engineer: Peter Lee at Comfort Sound Mixing Engineer: Bob Doidge at Grant Ave. Additional recording: George Axon at Axon Music

Master compiled by Andrew Hardin Master engineer: Paul Goodrich Thanks to Lou Gonzalez at Quad Studios, NYC Front cover illustration: Rob Loree Photography: Wayne Eardley, Brookside Studio Design: Peter Dako

Special Thanks: to Andrew Hardin for divining the final sequence and for overseeing the mastering. to Prairie Oyster, the Tom Russell Band, Joe Ely and David Grissom for inspiration to Russell DeCarle and Brian Ahern for encouragement to Gorilla managers Peter Cullen, Ron Gaskin and Jim McConnell to the patron saints of a generation of musicians: Joe Fried at the Isabella Hotel in Toronto and "Red Dog Ray" MacGregor at the Red Dog in Peterboro

These recordings are dedicated to four generations of wonderful women, each of
whom is a part of this music: Helen, Heather, Felina and Nona

The cd was produced by Andrew Hardin (Tom Russell's longtime guitar-slinger sidekick) except No Love, Tell Me (Jagger/Richards) and Kissin The Night Away, which were produced by Bruce Moffet (ex-Corey Hart, Prairie Oyster etc drummer)

Guest artists:
Albert Lee: electric guitar (eric clapton, everly bros) Gene Taylor: piano (fabulous thunderbirds, the blasters) Joan Besen: piano (prairie oyster, sylvia tyson)

and on the Bruce Moffet sessions:
Keith Glass: electric guitar and background vocals (Prairie Oyster, Lynn Miles) Kevin Breit: acoustic and resonator guitars (kd lang, Cassandra Wilson) Gary Breit: piano Bruce Moffet: drums (Corey Hart, Prairie Oyster)

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