This Little World

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Heartbeat 2009

All songs copyright 2009 Cris Cuddy (SOCAN)

Steve Briggs: acoustic and electric guitar
Al Cross: drums and percussion
Dennis Pendrith: bass
Rusty McCarthy: nylon string guitar on "Hey Mickey"
George Meanwell: cello on "Take Me in Your Arms Tonight"
Cris Cuddy: acoustic guitar, harmonica, vocals

Produced by: Steve Briggs
Recorded on March 16 and 17, 2009
Recording, mixing and mastering by: Ray Montford at Soundhole Studio
CD Packaging Design by: Roly Platt -
Front cover painting by: Rusty McCarthy
Executive Producer: Cris Cuddy

Dedicated to Willie, Lynda and Duane "D.J." Jarvis

Special Thanks to Steve Briggs who made this recording possible with his artistry, generosity and spirit.

Thanks to Ray, Al, Dennis, Rusty and George for their invaluable soulful contributions.

Thanks for continuing inspiration and friendship to Heather Jack, Felina Patterson, Russell deCarle, Redd Volkaert, Kristin Briggs, The Gorillas, Prairie Oyster, Washboard Hank, Wayne Eardley, Joe Hall, Tony Quarrington, S.D. Cisco, Ken Hamm, Charles Meanwell, Keith Glass, Joe Yanuziello, Chris Bennett, Bob Bryden, Rusty McCarthy, The Wolfgang Bros., Deb Lumsden, Rev. Ken, Bart Willis, Robin MacIntyre, Brenda Leite, Dr. Allison Bested, Dr. Jozef Krop, Dr. Robert Kidd, Wayne O'Connor, George Bradfute, Fats Kaplin, Steve Conn, Peter Cronin, Eric Holt, Malcolm Holcombe, Brian Ahern, Luke Wilson, Lance Loree, Rob Loree, Chester Pelkey, Mark Sadleir Brown, Jim "Suitcase" Stanley, The Alien Rebels, The Simpson Bros., Neil MacGonigill, The Ireland Bros., Sharon Anderson, Larry Jon Wilson, Pete James, Ron Gaskin, Peter Cullen, Martin Aucoin, Mike Holder, Roly Platt, Catfish Willie, Clayton Yates, Ronnie Hayward, Al Black, Andy Pryde, Gary Peeples, CKUA, CBC, Dennis and Lou Ann, David and Susan, Bar and Doris Ann, Lorne and Jane, Jim and Gwen-Anne, Tom and Joanne, Alyssa and Don, John and Ania, Mark and Bev, Richard and Elaine, Art and Rose, Pierre et Dominique, Andrew and Adrienne, Jeff and Interesting Music, Elizabeth Davies who manages the web and you-tube sites, Mickey and Roy always and so many other great friends and artists who bring beauty to This Little World..

All rights reserved

1. This Little World
Who knows what this little world's been through?.
2. This One's Gonna Hurt
A breezy reggae take on a painful subject.
3. Getaway Day
Making plans for a change of scene, a fond wish for my favourite family.
4. Dear Elvis
A midnight appeal to the king of the lonely hearts.
5. Natalie Wood 1963
Her beauty in "Love With the Proper Stranger" fuels many an adolescent fantasy.
6. Take Me in Your Arms Tonight
Sad but true what love can do.
7. All The Wild Things Come Out at Night
Some flowers don't bloom in the night.
8. Song Upon a Winter's Day
For two great artists, Willie P. Bennett and Lynda Lapeer who left us last winter.
9. Rock 'n' Roll Kids
Where would we be without rock 'n' roll kids?
1O. The Early Side

The night owl gets a surprise from the early bird.
11. Thinkin' 'Bout You
A Washboard Hank skit inspired this little rocker...
Thanks Hank!
12. Hey Mickey
For Mickey Newbury who wrote and sang with the warmth of the tropical waters he loved.

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