There Goes My Mind Again

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Produced by Keith Glass with Cris Cuddy

Cover image by S.D. "Kid" Cisco from his video for "Haunts Hotel"

Recorded and Mixed by Jon Van Wingerden at Audio Valley Studio

Overdub Recording and Re-mixes by Don Rooke at Rookie's. "There Goes My Mind Again" and "Gotta Get Away"

Mastered by Nick Rawson

Design/Layout by Roly Platt

Keith Glass: Electric and acoustic guitars, mandolin, bass and harmony vocals
Tobias Smith: Drums
Denis Keldie: Piano and organ
Wayne Mills: Sax and percussion
Don Rooke: Slide guitar and keyboard
Chris Whiteley: Trumpet

All songs by Cris Cuddy except "Any Other Way" by William Bell (Bais/Irving BMI)

Cris Cuddy songs copyright 2006 Cris Cuddy Music/SOCAN

All rights reserved

1. There Goes My Mind Again
Thanks to Mike Holder for the title, Don Rooke for the solo
and Don Gibson for the inspiration.
2. Blues in the Night
Oh the endless nights chasing the blues, from a bandstand

3. Any Other Way
A hit in the "Toronto Sound" era by "Little Jackie Shane",
written by William Bell from Memphis .

4. Reggae Love
From the repertoire of Max Mouse and the Gorillas.
5. Outskirts of Town
A true and distant memory of trains and roadhouses past
and present.
6. Here Comes Summer
Instant cure for the Wintertime Blues.
7. Just For a Thrill
Soulful Chris and Wayne.
8. I Found Out
Rockabilly lives on.
9. Gotta Get Away
Another lonesome fugitive.
10. Blue Country
Keith says it rocks like vintage NRBQ.
11. Long and Lonesome Old Freight Train
There's nothing better than "Newbury's train songs..." only
this one is mine written on a roundabout trip to see my
guitar dealer friend Dave Stutzman in Spencerport NY and a
great and different version can also be heard on the new
Prairie Oyster CD.

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