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Click for liner notes & lyrics
come along carmelita

from Cris Cuddy

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Village Records
villagerecords.com or e-folkmusic.com
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PO Box 5152 Claremont,
Ontario, Canada L1Y 1A4
$15 US, $20 Canadian

"What's so unabashedly cool here, though, is that regardless of genre, every track is indelibly stamped with the sweetness of practiced delivery that only the most accomplished and polished musicians can pull off."
- David Pilot, Americana Music Reviews

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Click titles for realaudio The Checkout Girl Lyin' In My Dreams Queen Of The Ball The Beginning Of The End Henry Morgan The Pirate Come Along Carmelita Just For A Thrill What If Frankie Doesn't Like it? Way Out West Two Of A Kind

The "Come Along Carmelita" CD features these songs and styles:

  1. The Checkout Girl   A Cajun style upbeat "love on the rebound" song
  2. Lyin' In My Dreams   A sweet fiddle theme which belies a bittersweet tale
  3. Queen of the Ball   A lovely love-at-first-sight set to an old fashioned waltz
  4. It's The Beginning of the End   A wistful and jazzy goodbye to fading love
  5. Henry Morgan the Pirate   A Celtic look at the early roots of big business
  6. Come Along Carmelita   A dreamy song of solace for a bruised princess
  7. Just For a Thrill   A taste of tough luck in love with an early Stones-y feel
  8. What if Frankie doesnt like it "Old Blue Eyes" in a morality tale with Neapolitan overtones
  9. Way Out West   The best of the breed who don't measure their fortunes in gold
  10. Two Of a Kind   A swirling gypsy fiddle and a Euro-Barfly hallucination
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"Come Along Carmelita"
features these fine musicians:

Fats Kaplin: accordion, violin, mandolin
(Tom Russell, Manhattan Transfer)

Don Rooke: kona and resophonic guitars
(The Henry's, Mary Margaret O'Hara)

Al Cross: drums and percussion
(Big Sugar, Jane Siberry)

Rusty McCarthy: electric guitar
(Mary Margaret O'Hara)

Victor Bateman: string bass

George Meanwell: cello
(Quartetto Gelato)

Cris Cuddy and Mickey Newbury
Cris Cuddy     Mickey Newbury
Springfield, Oregon, Oct. 2001

Special thanks to Mickey Newbury,
for advice and inspiration.


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